Flights / Options and benefits

The following provides a list and description of the optional features and benefits offered as part of the SIRRVA™ value-added program. These options are offered on an A-La-Carte basis.

Advanced Control Centre Features:
For the ultimate marketing flexibility, Travel Agencies can add the following modules to their Control Centre.

  • Advanced Pricing Module:While our basic package allows different pricing rules for each Tour Operator independently, the Advanced Pricing Module provides the ultimate flexibility to set prices at the destination, gateway and hotel criteria levels.
  • Advanced Search:For any given destination, this module allows shoppers to search for vacation packages using hotel star ratings or hotel names as a search criteria.
  • Tour Operator Rank Display:This module enables customers to specify the rank in which the various Tour Operators’ will be displayed. Packages offered by a given Tour Operator will then be listed by order of price.
  • Promotional Icons:You can actively influence travelers’ selection with the display of promotional icons beside selected packages or charter flights, based on flexible business rules.
  • Select Fare Advertising:This feature allows you to influence travelers by dynamically displaying select packages or flights on your homepage or other specified promotional URL.
  • Affiliate Module:This module provides our multi-agencies customers the ability to offer a separate booking engine to each of their members. The basic solution allows the administrator to set different pricing rules per affiliate at the Tour Operator level, while the advanced solution extend that functionality at the destination, gateway and hotel criteria levels. Multi-agencies customers wishing to decentralize their operations can also opt to have separate control centres for each of their affiliates and specify the flexibility level given to affiliates in setting their own pricing and display rules.
  • Co-Marketing Module:This module allows Travel Agencies to build “third party branded” versions of their booking engine, with a view to market their services on web portals or other web sites.
  • Travel Search Box:This feature enables Travel Agencies to integrate on third party sites a dynamic Travel Search Box to generate leads to their site, where the transactions are completed.
  • Agent Selector:This feature integrates as part of the shopping flow, the selection by the traveler of the individual agent or agency to be credited with the transaction. An email notification will be sent to the individual agent or agency selected for transaction completion and fulfillment.

Advanced Booking Engines:MRUN™ is the most complete tool for searching airfares and land components. It allows multiple simultaneous search queries in various databases:

  • Published airfares from carriers through the various global distribution systems (GDS) like Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and Worldspan;
  • Negotiated airfares from the Holiday Network (MyTravel Group), Royal Pacific Destinations, NeoTours, and Intair, made available through Gulliver™, Softvoyage proprietary technology;
  • Charter flights from major Canadian Tour Operators and consolidators through SIREV™;
  • Published hotel and car fares available through the various GDS.
  • Web Fares from low cost carriers CanJet and WestJet.
MRUN searches these databases and displays the results on a single page, for ultimate shopping convenience.
Last Minute Vacation Shopping:This feature enables the creation of a separate section aimed at last minute discount shoppers.
Alternate Payment Methods:This feature enables the redemption of points or other non-cash components as alternate payment method for shoppers, and is used as part of loyalty programs.
Profile Management:This module allows shoppers to register their profile with our customers’ site. Shoppers can select a username and password and save their profiling information for more shopping convenience. This feature is also used for CRM purposes.
24/7 Customer Support:Customers selecting this option will get 24/7 support through e-mail and pager notification.