Fournisseurs / Sell Online to Travelers

Softvoyage can help Travel Suppliers sell online to travelers.

SIRRVA™, is a highly customizable solution allowing travel suppliers to sell to travelers their complete selection of fares and packages, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

By adding SIRRVA™ to your Web site, you can increase your sales while saving on your distribution, fulfillment and call center costs.

Integrated Features & Benefits

The following is a description of the basic features and functionality offered as part of the SIRRVA™ entry-level package.

Shopping Module:
SIRRVA™ searches your database, providing access to the complete list of your travel products, including vacation packages, charter flights, air fares, hotels, cars, etc. Query results are displayed on a single page for the ultimate convenience. Once a fare has been selected, SIRRVA™ performs a last availability check before prompting the shopper to make the reservation and complete the transaction through a secure online form directly integrated in your back-end.

Control Centre:
With flexible and easy-to-use business rules, the Control Centre provides the ability for our customers to customize their offering and consult insightful real-time statistics. SIRRVA™ interface has been ergonomically designed to provide the simplest experience.

  • Travel Product Selection:
    Travel Suppliers can select which travel products will be offered on their site.
  • Pricing Rules:
    Flexible pricing rules are paramount to support our customers’ marketing strategies. Our Travel Suppliers can specify for each travel product individual prices with an easy-to-use mark-up or discount features.

    Advance pricing features can also be added as optional features.

  • Minimum Advance Booking Days:
    Travel Suppliers can specify the minimum number of days required for Travelers to book online ahead of a departure date, ensuring sufficient time for ticket issuance and completion of other paper work. Travelers outside that window are invited to communicate with an individual agent.
  • Statistics:
    SIRRVA™ offers a comprehensive set of statistics such as reservations’ information, number of site hits, visitors, page views, etc. This information allows Travel Suppliers to continuously adapt their marketing strategies and design to Travelers’ behaviour.

Look & Feel:
SIRRVA™ can be fully customized with your own brand, and seamlessly integrated to your existing web site.

Back-End & Accounting System Integration:
SIRRVA™ integrates with your back-end & accounting system so that travelers shopping your products are booking directly in your back-end. The ticket issuance, invoicing and reconciliation process is thus seamlessly integrated and automated.

Technology & Hosting:
Our solutions are hosted and delivered remotely to maximize speed of execution, performance, and costs sharing opportunities.

Our server room is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, connectivity and monitoring devices so your customers enjoy a fast, stable, and secure experience. Softvoyage uses 128-bit SSL encryption, the industry’s strongest security standard.

SIRRVA™ is built on the SAX™ platform using the XML standard language which provides the most flexibility and robustness in today’s interconnected world.

Customer Support:
SIRRVA™ is supported by Softvoyage first-class customer support programs which can extend from normal business hours to 24/7 plans.

Optional Features & Modules

The following provides a list and description of the optional features and benefits offered as part of the SIRRVA™ value-added program. These options are offered on an A-La-Carte basis.
Advanced Control Centre Features:
For the ultimate marketing flexibility, Travel Suppliers can add the following modules to their Control Centre.

  • Advanced Pricing Module:While our basic package allows Travel Suppliers to add discounts or mark-ups across all products, the Advanced Pricing Module provides the ultimate flexibility to set prices at the individual product level.
  • Advanced Search:
    For any given destination, this module allows shoppers to search for travel products using other types of search criterias than the traditional date and destination.
  • Rank Display:
    This module enables Travel Suppliers to specify the rank in which the various family of products will be displayed. Products offered within such family will then be listed by order of price.
  • Promotional Icons:
    You can actively influence travelers’ selection with the display of promotional icons beside selected travel products, based on flexible business rules.
  • Select Fare Advertising:
    This feature allows you to influence travelers by dynamically displaying select travel products on your homepage or other specified promotional URL.

Last Minute Shopping:
This feature enables the creation of a separate section aimed at last minute discount shoppers.

24/7 Customer Support:
Travel Suppliers selecting this option will get 24/7 support through e-mail and pager notification.