TTS / Basic Features & Benefits

The following provides a list and description of the integrated features and benefits of TTS™.

Modular Architecture:
The modular architecture of TTS™ recognizes that flexibility and adaptability are key elements of a sound technology investment. TTS™ modular architecture is built around a core module that defines all system parameters. With TTS™, you choose the components you require and customize them to the specific requirements of your operations. For example, if your business is true ITC you need not worry about scheduled airfares, either published or net. Or, you may currently use a specific G/L software application and reporting tool and wish to continue using it.

Multiple Type Component FIT/ITC Management:
TTS™ allows Tour Operators to manage different types of air components and distribute them seamlessly in one environment. For example, you may hold block seat inventory on charter flights, you may have negotiated fare contracts with airline carriers and/or you may simply want to access published fares from GDS host systems.

TTS™ not only manages various types of components but enables distribution to be configured in such a way as to provide combined query and result posting or segregate posting based on specific actions. Using the same platform you have the ability to move from prepackaged tours to custom built packages to single component booking.

Management Flexibility:
TTS™ handles the uniqueness of each organization and their operational structure.

  • Multiple Branch:

Whether your business is organized as a single entity or a corporate holding with subsidiaries, with numerous points of sales (POS) or multiple divisions, you can centralize all operations under a single TTS™ platform while maintaining separate control over each:
    1. Consolidate all your operations regardless of geographical and currency disparities
    2. Work from the same inventory but keep separate accounting or maintain exclusive products and inventory for different branches
    3. Close out accounting periods and year-end statement by branch and/or overall account
    4. Pull out comparative performance reports


    • Call Center Reservation Module:

Whether you are completing individual or group transactions, TTS™ Reservation Module will address your internal agents’ business needs:
      1. Key criteria search and display for quick quotel
      2. Toutes les informations pertinentes (inventaires, prix, horaires, description de produits) sont disponibles rapidement pour compléter la vente.
      3. “Fill in the blanks” reservation screens for easy staff training
      4. Pre-packaged or custom tour reservation capability
      5. Individual or group quote management, including multiple payments and pricing parameters, and unlimited passengers/products on each booking
      6. Save quote in-progress
      7. Direct transfer from quote to reservation
      8. Handles everything from simple transactions to complex itineraries including open-jaws and multiple segments with or without stopovers
    • Operations Center:

TTS™ Operation Center includes a selection of layout templates for air tickets, vouchers and confirmations, itineraries and invoices. Documents are easily issued as needed or in bulk by multiple criteria. Flight manifests, rooming lists, car booking reports and other component reports can be ran automatically each day at a specified time and can be faxed out or emailed (See Optional Features & Benefits) automatically with no manual intervention.
The Operations Center also provide a complete “Bookings on request” functionality, enabling Tour Operators to:
    1. Keep track of multiple requests to different suppliers
    2. Access “outdated” request list
    3. Assign status level to every request
    4. Automated posting of supplier confirmation number for every PNR.
  • Queue & Schedule Tasks Management Center:

Rest assured all ongoing processes or activities are tracked and performed automatically. Jobs can be scheduled to run nightly or upon specific actions, and messages can be delivered to users for pending actions or ongoing processes. Automation means greater control, quality, productivity and cost savings.

    • Technology & Hosting:

Our solutions can be installed locally at your premises or hosted and delivered remotely (ASP) to maximize speed of execution, performance, and costs sharing opportunities.

For ASP clients, our server room is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, connectivity and monitoring devices so users enjoy a fast, stable, and secure experience. Softvoyage uses 128-bit SSL encryption, the industry’s strongest security standard.

TTS™ is integrated with the SAX™ platform, using the XML standard language, which provides the most flexibility and robustness in today’s interconnected world.

    • Customer Support:

TTS™ is supported by Softvoyage first-class customer support programs which can extend from normal business hours to 24/7 plans.