TTS / Optional Features & Benefits

The following provides a list and description of the optional features and benefits of TTS™ offered as part of the TTS™ value-added program. These options are offered on an A-La-Carte basis.

Integrated Accounting & G/L Module:
Because TTS™ is a fully integrated system, all transactions or processes performed on the operations side are automatically tracked and registered on the accounting side, eliminating costly inefficiencies and double-entry risks.

    • Automation & Audit Trail:
The system keeps an audit trail of all transactions performed with every single reservation, including information pertaining to the user credited with the transaction and the date and time at which the transaction took place.
  • The Accounting Module includes the following functionality:
    1. Accounts payable/receivable general operations
    2. Accounts payable/receivable travel operations
    3. Individual branch account management
    4. Check and payment issuance
    5. Partial and full payments capture and process
    6. Inventory control and reconciliation
    7. BSP/ ARC report for FIT air products
    8. Banking interfaces for account reconciliation
    9. Split payment directly on passenger name record (PNR) to pass onto air carriers the maximum of credit card transactional fees
  • The General Ledger Module allows:
    1. G/L accounts creation
    2. Automatic uploads of accounts onto G/L
    3. Transfer and export tools
    4. Multiple reporting capability

Fax / E-mail interface: Our fax and e-mail interfaces enable you to send to your clients automatically electronic confirmations, as soon as the booking is completed, allowing significant savings over regular postage or courier. Manifests and rooming lists can be scheduled to run and be sent by fax or E-mail automatically with virtually no manual intervention.

Direct Banking Interface:
We have developed interfaces with several bank systems allowing online authorization and settlement of credit card transactions. These interfaces are robust, provide instant credit authorization, and seamlessly integrate with the internal accounting system allowing full reporting and detailed audit trail.

Electronic Distribution:
Because TTS™ is integrated to SAX™, Tour Operators having loaded their products can leverage the power of electronic distribution, at a fraction of the traditional costs, and without maintaining separate platforms:

  • Distribute your products on SIREV™, the number one leisure electronic business to business marketplace, used by thousand of Travel Agents
  • Add to your Web site a booking engine for Travel Agencies or Travelers.

Interfaces with the 4 Major GDS:
Softvoyage has developed a multi-GDS system interface, which provides you with complete flexibility and independence towards the GDS provider of your choice. Both Gulliver™ and TTS™ can handle the distribution through the 4 major GDS systems:

  • Sabre, Amadeus and Worldspan through AccessTours™, Softvoyage proprietary interface
  • Galileo through the LeisureLink interface
The system can even be configured to use a specific GDS on given instances while using another one for general applications.

Negotiated Airfare Management (Gulliver™):
For Tour Operators and Consolidators having special arrangements with one or more carriers, Gulliver™ seamlessly integrates with TTS™.

Customer Support:
TTS™ is supported by Softvoyage first-class customer support programs which can extend from normal business hours to 24/7 plans.

If you want to learn more about TTS™, please Contact Us.