As a leading provider of information technology solutions for the travel industry since 1987, Softvoyage operates one of the biggest and most complex networks in the country. The company has invested significant resources over the years in building the foundations of a scalable and flexible technological infrastructure that ensures the highest level of performance for our clients.

The Facts:

  • Softvoyage manages more than 300 HP servers
  • The servers are hosted in 3 different geographical locations
  • Sophisticated load-balancing between servers ensures best-in-class redundancy and reliability

Modular Approach:

The system architecture at Softvoyage is built to answer the specificity and evolving nature of client business needs. The modular philosophy allows Softvoyage to adapt quickly to its clients’ needs and gives them the fastest response time while ensuring maximum robustness.

Operating System Flexibility:

Softvoyage Web technologies are all built using the Linux Open Source standards, providing the ultimate flexibility.

Connection to Suppliers:

There are essentially 2 methods for Softvoyage to connect to suppliers:


  • Private Point-to-Point networks
  • This is a direct physical link between Softvoyage and the supplier. As this is a more costly option, this method is used by the main Tour Operators (TO). Connections to TO is typical for these offerings:

    • Packages
    • Flights
    • Hotels
    • Cruises
    • Rental Cars
  • Web services
  • Softvoyage has developed leading expertise in building best-of-breed Application Program Interfaces (API). Using API, it is possible to efficiently connect to suppliers via the Internet. This method is typical for the following:

    • Flights
      1. GDS
      2. Consolidators
      3. Web Fares
  • Hotels
    1. GDS
    2. Various hotel banks
  • Rental Cars
    1. GDS

State-of-the-Art Hosting:

Over the years, Softvoyage has earned significant hosting experience and know-how as an application service provider (ASP) by offering hosted solutions to its clients. Softvoyage ASP model allows clients to benefit from the complete range of solutions of- fered without investing in the development of com- plex software applications and the hardware on which it resides. Softvoyage solutions are housed internally in state-of-the-art Internet data centers which feature:

  • Servers:
  • Softvoyage uses brand name servers from manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard. Each with standard dual power supplies, hardware RAID and connected to HP Gigabit switches for ulti- mate performance.
  • Internet connectivity:
  • Internet access is provided through BGP sessions to multiple providers allowing traffic to reach Softvoyage regardless of the client’s location.
  • Redundancy:
  • To ensure ultimate availability, solutions are host
    ed on multiple servers behind industry leading
    Citrix Netscaler load-balancers.
  • Advanced physical security:
  • Physical access to hosting facilities is protected by the highest level of security and monitoring currently used data center standards.
  • Climate Control:
  • Hosting premises are equipped with sophis- ticated climate controls mechanism including redundant air conditioning systems
  • Robust Power Supply:
  • Electricity supply to the server rooms is insured by two (2) separate electrical entries, along with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and battery packs to sustain several hours of electricity failure.
  • Monitoring:
  • All applications and systems are monitored 24/7 by a first-class remote alert system. Various alert levels ensure that systems specialists are imme- diately advised, 24/7.
  • Advanced software protection:
  • Softvoyage uses industry-leading third party solutions for firewall, antivirus and email scan protection.
  • E-Commerce security:
  • Nothing less than 256 bits encryption (SSL), which is the Internet security standard chosen by banks to process transactions, is used to protect the transactions that flow through the network.