Customer Support

No matter how robust the solutions we develop, we know that problems sometimes arise and that when they do, our clients expect us to respond quickly and decisively to fix such problems. This is why we offer world-class customer support.Our regular support plan includes an account manager assigned to our clients and covers support during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

For mission critical applications, we also offer our clients the option to purchase an extended support hours plan or a 24/7 support plan where a Softvoyage technician is assigned a pager and available at all times.

 Systems Monitoring

In addition, all of our applications and systems are monitored on a 24/7 basis by a first-class remote alert software. Various alert levels ensure that our systems specialists are immediately advised, on a 24/7 basis, through email and pager notifications, when an application or a system is down or experiencing a problem.

 Bug Reporting & Tracking

To ensure that all bugs and problems are dealt with in a professional manner, Softvoyage uses a Web-based tracking tool for bug reporting and tracking. Our clients can then rest assured that the issues are reported and solved in a most satisfactory way.