Agencies to consumers (B2C)

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All inclusives are extremely popular for people wanting to get away and relax, and with the power of Internet, travellers can benefit from web sites that allow them to shop and book from the comfort of their home. It is therefore essential for Travel Agencies to offer this possibility from their own web site.


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For some customers, all they want is to book their flight, be it one-way or return, and they handle the rest. The Flights Module allows these customers the possibility of searching and booking their flights only, and this, directly from their favorite travel agency’s web site.


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Softvoyage is connected to more than 150,000 hotels and chains worldwide. The Hotels module allows loyal clients from Travel Agencies to shop from their web site for so many possibilities for lodging, then so easily click and complete their reservation.


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Coach tours are more popular than ever, and travellers are discovering that organized tours are a great way to travel. Guided coach tours are effective, efficient and truly enjoyable. The time away on these trips is totally focused on what travelers are supposed to be seeing – without the stress and worry!