Tours / Types of Integration

There are 3 possibilities for implementing the TOURS module onto a travel agency’s website. In each case, the data flow is given to the customer along with the prerequisites. Bottom line, Softvoyage’s interest is to render the look and feel that the customer wants.

  1. Generic template from Softvoyage
    We call this possibility DMO (for demo). Essentially, the DMO is a generic template that can work for all. For additional fees, adjustments can be made to minimally customize the graphic user interface (GUI). Typically, these adjustments are changing the font, the color and the button for launching the search.

    Pros: minimal technical implication from the customer (no need for a designer and graphic artist, no need for a developer)
    Cons: limitation of originality for design (standard similar to many other customers)
    Timeline: 4 weeks average

  3. Custom template as per travel agency’s standards
    The customer supplies a mock-up of what they would like, as per specifications supplied by Softvoyage. It is crucial to respect these specifications and also the data flow. Typically, the mock-up is supplied as a static HTML page. Of course, this requires design work from the customer side, and the customer must make sure that they cover all functional aspects. After the template is approved, Softvoyage can proceed to its integration where it is rendered functional.

    Pros: customers get exactly what they want in terms of a look and feel
    Cons: requires customer to understand the mechanics behind and to involve graphic artists on their side to produce the proposed template
    Timeline: 6 weeks average

  5. Purchase an API
    This last option allows customers to purchase an API and host themselves the module on their own servers. This gives them complete control and responsibility of adding this module on their website. Softvoyage provides training to get them started.

    Pros: Greatest flexibility
    Cons: High costs for supplying the resources and infrastructure
    Timeline: 4 to 6 months average