The Travel System™ (TTS™) is the result of over 25 years of experience in designing integrated inventory management, reservation and back-end software solutions, and is used by leading ITC and FIT Tour Operators as their primary back-end and accounting solution.

Using a comprehensive structure in the management and distribution sectors of activities, TTS™ delivers strong functionality in a flexible environment, fully adaptable to changing needs.

No business is static and no sector of commercial activities remains unchanged by time. The choice of operating platform therefore is not just about technology, it is about business partnership.

The following is a list of TTS™ main features:

  • Management of all types of travel components including: Air, Land, Car, Cruise, Tours, and Packages
  • Creation of integrated FIT packages with above “A la carte” components
  • Real-time dynamic packaging with above “A la carte” components
  • Inventory and contract management
  • Cost and price management
  • Dynamic multiple currency management
  • Commission parameters management
  • Tax parameters management
  • Fully customizable/Dynamic system parameters
  • Multiple branch management
  • Vendor/Re-seller/Customer profile management
  • User/Group access management/security settings
  • Wide range of operations and sales reports