Softvoyage advances and completes massive infrastructure and software upgrade

Media release

Softvoyage advances and completes massive infrastructure and software upgrade
April 22, 2021

Softvoyage is proud to announce several major enhancements and upgrades to its various products and infrastructure.


Steve Ringuet, Co-Founder and Co-President of Softvoyage explains: “since the very beginning of the pandemic, over a year ago, we have invested a significant amount of time and money to improve several aspects of our systems. We re-engineered our solutions for flights and what is known as E-Package. We are currently finalizing a new database structure for the Package Plus software which improves speed, security, and accuracy. At the same time, a new interface will soon be completed that will provides our customers with a solution that ensures compliance with GDPR regulations as well as Bill 64 aimed at protecting the personal information of passengers.

I am therefore very satisfied with the achievements of our team which allowed us to reach most of our goals. Softvoyage has emerged from this pandemic in an excellent position and offers its customers a range of great products. Our solutions will go a long way in meeting the new needs of the industry.”


Moise Levy, Co-President and Co-Founder adds: “the very large majority of our staff has never worked remotely. It was necessary to adapt to this new reality which was also a challenge and the results pleasantly surprised us. The speed and quality of the work being produced by our staff has been and continues to be exceptional.  All along, our customers were also getting ready to come out of this pandemic and this resulted in a lot more development work of both the TTS side as well as the Ecommerce side of our business. Since March 2020, we had approximately 250 different projects on both large and smaller scales. With all this being said, yes another full analysis is being done as we speak so we can begin the next phase of our development to make sure we stay ahead of the curb in providing our current and future customers with the most advanced state of the art technology options.”