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Interested in distributing your products to travel agencies? Learn how SIREVMC, Canada's leading shopping and booking system for travel agents can help service providers distribute any type of travel product to travel agents.

Reduce your distribution costs

Reduce your distribution costs

softvoyage can help service providers distribute their products more effectively to travel agencies, increase revenue while lowering distribution costs.

SIREV description

SIREVMC, the largest shopping and booking system in Canada, is used by thousands of travel agents to save time, money and enhance consumer services. SIREV TM allows travel agencies to search, view, and book on a single screen ITC and FIT travel products from major Canadian suppliers. Used by industry professionals since 1992, SIREV/RevnetMC is by far the most effective search and booking tool in the industry.

Distribute your products

Distribute your products

If you are interested in distributing your travel products through SIREVMC

SMSR air inventory system


Administration of the air inventory system SMSRMC features robust features, is easy to use and its modular architecture is fully tailored to your changing needs. SMSRMCalso seamlessly integrates with the distribution solutions of softvoyage.

TIM reservation software


With TIM, bus tour providers can easily upload their own tours to the largest distribution network in Canada. TIM offers an interface that allows the user to manage the inventory of its circuits.

Once a tour has been downloaded with TIM, it becomes accessible under the TOURS tab for important search and reservation systems. The tours are immediately available in the largest distribution network in Canada.

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