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Find out how web modules can help your travel agency generate new revenue by adding a booking engine to your website. The web modules of softvoyage offer great strength to travel agencies who want a transactional website.

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Customer services

SIRRVAMC is supported by a first-class customer service program that extends to normal business hours and that can be extended with the 24/7 plan upon request.

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SIRRVAMC is built on the platform SAXMC, using the standard XML language providing unparalleled flexibility and robustness in today's interconnected world.



South packages are extremely popular with travelers and with the power of the web, travelers can easily do their own research and booking in the comfort of their own homes.
Features and benefits built into the basic packages of SIRRVAMC;
  • Shopping module: SIRRVAMC searches in various databases on the web, providing access to the most complete list of vacation packages and charter flights by tour operators in Canada. For greater shopping convenience for the consumer, search results are displayed on one page. Once a rate has been chosen, SIRRVA MC verifies the availability in real time before inviting the customer to complete the transaction online using a secure form.
  • Control Center : Price management, selection of the minimum number of days required for early booking, statistics and information on reservations, rules for the presentation of air fares.
  • Customization of the design SIRRVAMC can be fully customized according to your own brand, and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing website.
  • Integration with the accounting system , including PC Voyages, TRAMS & Travcom / GBO, Galileo, Saber and Amadeus.
  • Optional modules for the control center , advanced function for price management, promotional icons, advertising on selected rates, agency selector and more.
A-la-carte trips

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À la carte flights, air web fares, hotels and tours can also be added as optional modules.

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