Tour operators TTS

Tour operators TTS
Tour-operator Software

The Travel
System (TTS)

is the result of over 30 years of experience in designing integrated inventory management, reservations and back-end software solutions, and is used by leading ITC and FIT Tour Operators as their primary back-end and accounting solution. No business is static and no sector of commercial activities remains unchanged by time. The selection of an operating platform is not just about technology, it is also about a business partnership.



Key Features
  • Multi-branch
    Capability to manage multiple office branches, brands or companies on a single partition of the TTS database.
  • Multi-currency
    The exchange rate of each transaction is stored for future reporting. Selling prices are straight off regenerated from a fluctuation.
  • Multi-language
    Available in English, French and Spanish, in addition, multilingual staff members are available to train and or support your team in any if those languages.
  • User rights and security
    User rights and permissions can be managed by departments or individually.
  • Management of all types of travel products
    The Product module is adapted for all types of travel commodities and supplier contracts.
  • Static packages and Dynamic packages (E-packages)
    Package components are either sourced from your own TTS stock or through diverse external suppliers such as bed banks and GDS for flights… Selling prices are dynamically generated. No need to alter or recalculate selling prices. Adjust margins and/or exchange rates instead.
  • Contract and stock management
    Full control over your charter flight allotments and prices. Also, the Land module supports inventory stocks, various pricing levels, supplier discounts and multiple business rules.
  • Travel agencies and commission structure
    Full control over travel agencies, chains and their commission rates.
  • Operations and reports
    The operation module provides a multitude of reports which may run anytime or set up to run automatically.
  • Fully integrated Accounting solution
    A/R and A/P modules. No double entries required. All transactions are tracked and recorded.
  • Business Intelligence tools (BI)
    TTS provides an exceptional standard of integration with your own Data warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI) tool.

Below is a list of optional features that are available as part of the TTS value-added program.

Select the modules you require and customize them to the specific requirements of your operations.
Tour-operator module
  • General Ledger
    TTS comes with its own GL module or integrates to multiple financial platforms such as SAP or Great-Plains. Export data is available in multiple formats or can be customized to match your financial platform requirements.
  • Credit card Gateway and Audit
    Softvoyage payment gateway integrates several acquirers such as Moneris, Chase, First Data, Nuvei…The gateway seamlessly integrates with the internal TTS accounting system providing full reporting and detailed audit trail.
  • Annual audit for CSAE-3416 – SSAE-16
    Report produced by external auditors is delivered to our clients; a requirement for public companies in North-America.
  • Accertify ®
    Additionally, an interface with Accertify® allows our customer to protect their business by counting on strong solutions relevant to credit card fraud management.
  • Electronic Distribution
    Because TTS is integrated to SAX, Tour Operators can leverage the power of electronic distribution, at a fraction of the traditional costs, and without maintaining separate platforms.
  • GDS
    We have developed a multi-GDS system interface, which provides you with complete flexibility and independence towards the GDS provider of your choice. Both Gulliver and TTS handle the distribution through the 4 major GDS systems
  • Gulliver
    For Tour Operators and Consolidators having special agreements with one or more carriers, Gulliver seamlessly integrates with TTS
  • Bed banks
    Interfaces with various providers such as hotelbeds, IBS, Dingus... Connect to any of these suppliers to widen your offer to your clients.
  • Hybrid Cache Solution
    The TTS data model is supported by various SQL databases that contain all data pertaining to the products and clients. Cache update scripts are continually running to ensure a high level of integrity and accuracy.
Technology and infrastructure

Technology & Infrastructure

Hosting on HPE mission critical servers (RAS) (RAS)


Multiple locations
Online DR service
Backed-up by fail-over systems

High availability
SLA starting at 99.5%

Applications and systems monitored
24/7 in-house personal

E-commerce security TLS 1.2

Our solutions can be installed in various ways – IaaS, SaaS, On-Premise and hybrid.Solutions can be installed locally or hosted and delivered remotely (ASP).

For ASP clients, our solutions are housed internally in our state-of-the-art Internet data centre which features (OEM) servers, multiple sources for connectivity, full-time monitoring and redundancy (in a second data centre), so that our clients have access to a fast, stable, and secure experience.

Total redundancy, data replication, an SLA with a minimum of 99.5% of uptime; are some of the features that are included in our proposal. 24 hours in-house staff is already in place for support.

We are working with major hardware providers such as HPE, Cisco, Checkpoint, Citrix (Netscalers), etc.

Anti-scrappers applications (we host Distill in our premises), anti-fraud (connectivity with Accertify available), Data Centre private ring over fiber optic managed by our team.

Our ASP model allows customers to benefit from the complete range of solutions without investing in the development of complex software applications and hardware on which it resides.


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