Network and infrastructure overview

Network and Infrastructure Overview

softvoyage manages one of the largest and most complex networks in the country. The company continually invests to develop the foundation of a scalable and flexible technology infrastructure that ensures the highest level of performance for our customers. softvoyage operates hundreds of servers and these are hosted in several different geographical locations. Sophisticated load balancing between servers ensures redundancy and reliability.

Connection to suppliers

Connection to suppliers

softvoyage basically uses two methods to connect to providers:

  • Private network
  • Web service
Private direct network

Private direct network :

It is a direct physical link between softvoyage and the supplier. As this option is more expensive, it is used by travel operators (OV). The connection to the OV is typical for these services: Packages, Flights, Hotels, Cruises, Rental Cars.

Web service

Web service

Over the years, softvoyage has developed the greatest expertise by building many APIs (Application Program Interface), allowing various systems to exchange data: GDS, Web rates, various hotel banks.

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